About us

Born from a vast maritime background, Pronomar in 2007 specialized in the supply of innovative and efficient equipment. With straight-forward, solution-oriented thinking, Pronomar, headquarted in the Netherlands, sets new standards in:

At Pronomar we are committed to innovative technology, eco-friendly sustainable solutions and improving working conditions for people and organisations. These improved working conditions will aim attention at the wellbeing of employees and make sure that work can be carried out in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. With the aim of being a valued business partner for all our customers.

We provide high-tech and eco-friendly solutions to enhance the business of our customers, whilst creating better working conditions and optimising energy-efficiency that benefits both the customer and the environment.


Pronomar B.V.
Noordeinde 88C
3341 LW
the Netherlands

T  +31 (0)78 – 68 19 481
F  +31 (0)84 – 22 54 573
E  info@pronomar.com

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