Another Series of Boskalis Vessels Equipped with MERUS Durable Water Technology

After already having installed multiple MERUS rings on a number of Boskalis vessels, three other Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers have recently also opted for this environmental friendly solution. Boskalis, a leading global dredging and offshore contractor and maritime services provider, equipped the Queen of the Netherlands, the Fairway, the Prins der Nederlanden and recently  also the Medway and Beachway with several MERUS rings. These ships are now provided with a system which helps in the prevention of lime scale, corrosion and biological   problems in the water lines and water bearing systems.

Why opt for a MERUS ring?

The three Boskalis TSHDs are equipped with various evaporators, in which the seawater partially evaporates and the residual brine is conveyed back into the sea. Inside the heat exchanger of the evaporator, a stony layer consisting of salt, lime and other solids contained in the seawater is gradually formed. As a result, the evaporator’s daily performance is being reduced and the fresh water production becomes insufficient for the ships’ requirements.

The traditional solutions to counteract these problems, such as chemical and mechanical cleaning are hard, tough, unhealthy and expensive. Besides that, this means that the evaporator needed to have a frequent operational stop for many hours, which is often not achievable. However, when a MERUS ring is installed, the formation of new lime scale will be postponed. This results in the extension of service intervals, a longer lifespan of devices and machines and the reduction of both time and expenses.

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