Case Studies

An interesting case study covering the biofouling problems of Royal Boskalis Westminster and how the Merus have made sure this is a problem of the past.

If limescale settles in the dishwasher, this can be rather troublesome. Check out the article how the MERUS ring prevents this issue.

Swimming pools often have many issues with large amounts of limescale and algues and it is rather hard to effectively remove this. Read more to see in what way the Merus ring can efficiently clean swimming pools.

To make all parts of a cooling water system work together perfectly, a good water treatment is required.

This case study shows what we can do on an offshore oil platform.

It was clearly visible that limescale as well as corrosion in the steam boiler was reduced significantly. Read more to see how this was performed.

Read all about the numerous advantages of the Merus ring for the hotel sector.

This case study was performed at Hapag Lloyd, one of the biggest container shippers worldwide. Read more to see how the rings were beneficial to the fresh water generator.

Gyms are fond of the MERUS rings as well, as it significantly removes lime scale in both the showers as the spa areas.

Read all about the advantages of the Merus ring for water fountains.

The Merus rings are also being used to help the urban water supply prevent lime scale. Click to read more about all the positive effects.

Read how the MERUS ring improves the performance of the evaporator on board of a ship.

Read all about the advantages of the Merus ring for industries which make use of ovens.

The Merus rings are also being used to help nursing homes who struggle with legionella problems.


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