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Pronomar Contributes to Hygiene Measures in Response to COVID-19

The food industry is one of the branches in which hygiene is subject to very strict measures. Especially since the arrival of the COVID-19 virus, these measures have reached new peaks and organizations are expected to tighten up all regulations and guidelines concerning hygiene. Pronomar, supplier of drying systems, has noticed an increasing interest coming from companies in the food industry since the onset of the Coronavirus. “Companies are looking for all types of ways to improve the hygiene within their organization. Properly washing, drying and airing the workwear is naturally a crucial part in this process. If clothes remain damp for too long because of condensation or perspiration, bacteria will start to grow and enlarge the risk of diseases

March 20, 2020 | Category: All, Drying Systems |

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Catching Crabs in Dry and Warm Fishing Gear

Two years ago, a crab harvest fishing vessel was built by Tersan Shipyards for the leading Russian fishing company JSC Arcticservice, which has been active on Russian waters for quite some time. This fishing vessel was built with the main purpose of catching crabs in up to 400m water depths, but it can also process the catch on board. Following the catch, crabs are frozen and stored in a separate cold storage room. Due to occasional harsh weather conditions and rather low temperatures in the cold storage room, Pronomar collaborated with Ünoks Industrial Stainless Steel Equipments to equip this vessel with an efficient drying room solution for the crew’s workwear. Ünoks is one of the leading companies in its sector

March 11, 2020 | Category: All, Drying Systems |

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Weather Challenges for Outdoor Workers

Urban green spaces, street greeneries, public playgrounds and many more all require regular maintenance. The conservation and construction of green infrastructure is always subject to the weather, which is why the responsible workforces often encounter issues with damp or even soaked work garments. Pronomar’s drying solution for work clothing has consequently become of major importance for municipalities, since they contribute to the employees’ well-being by making sure they can fulfill their tasks in a dry outfit. The same applies to construction and civil engineering workers, since these jobs also include tough open-air activities. Assemblies on site require employees to continuously lift and transport heavy material regardless of the weather, which can cause sweaty work suits during summer and wet cold

February 14, 2020 | Category: All, Drying Systems |

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Efficiently Drying All Types of Fishermen’s Workwear

Pronomar is looking forward to the first edition of the Skipper Expo in Limerick. With their innovative drying systems, Pronomar is witnessing an increasing interest in drying solutions for oil skins, jackets, bibs, boots, gloves and other gear. The drying systems, established from stainless steel 304 or 316, ensure a fast and internal drying of clothing by using a powerful warm-air blower. A large amount of air flows through the continuous stainless steel framework and is distributed directly into the clothing, reaching all areas from the arm pits to the tips of the boots and reducing unpleasant odors caused by bacteria growing in moist environments. Extending the lifespan of the clothes is also a reason why more companies in the

February 14, 2020 | Category: All, Drying Systems |

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Compact Drying Solutions with DUAL Dryer

One of the greatest problems experienced by workforces is wet, sweaty or cold workwear from previous shifts. Safeguarding that employees are outfitted with dry equipment is crucial for concentration efficiency and reduction of incidents. Especially for small enterprises, think of (fishing) vessels, small industrial applications or even home appliances, finding such a drying solution can be challenging, often due to limited space on site. For those businesses Pronomar’s new DUAL dryers provide a solution, as they are designed to fit in compact spaces. This new type of drying system combines the electrical and warm-air blowing drying systems, by using electrically heated hangers with a freely adjustable airflow. As a result of combining electricity and warm air, you can choose between

December 10, 2019 | Category: All, Drying Systems |

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Pronomar Improves the Working Conditions in the Food Industry

Hygiene is a leading factor in today’s food industry. Random checks are carried out to minimize contamination risks during food production processes. Strict requirements are also imposed on work clothes. It is important to work in hygienical and clean clothing to ensure a hygienic production facility and to reduce the risk of contamination. Another important trend in the food industry is the increasing investment in the health and well-being of employees. It is an industry where a lot of work is performed in cold or humid spaces. Employers in the Dutch freezer industry often make arrangements for their employees by offering a cold allowance, or alternate their work in cold places with working in warmer places. Working in varying temperatures

October 1, 2019 | Category: All, Drying Systems |

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The MERUS Water Treatment Proves Successful in Hotel Industry

Many hotels deal with lime scale in their boilers, kitchen equipment, swimming pools, saunas and of course on the sanitary ware in the bathrooms. This could have a negative impact on the hotel customer experience, therefore everything needs to be done to keep the facilities clean and lime scale free. Recently, the Dutch Hotel Arena and QO Hotel both saw opportunities in using Pronomar’s MERUS water treatment to reduce lime deposits inside waterlines and other water-bearing systems. After installing the MERUS rings, the water treatment gives off an overlapping molecular frequency to the water, which slows the scaling process and keeps the deposits longer in suspension. With the MERUS water treatment hotel businesses are able to reduce their expenditures on

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drying cabinet polar expedition waterproof gear

Immersive Expedition Experiences Develop Need for Cleaning and Drying Solutions

The desire of traveling to the most far-away destinations is increasing in popularity, which can be confirmed by cruise lines offering exclusive expeditions. The world’s least visited locations can now be reached by embarking on one of the many newbuild expedition cruises. Journeys to the North Pole, Antarctica, Greenland and Iceland are only a few of the wide range of locations where one can experience an adventure of a lifetime. Many expedition cruise lines offer various captivating daily activities for those who would like to vigorously explore the pristine landscapes and abundant wildlife. Whether it be hopping onto a zodiac to explore the scenery, or taking a kayaking excursion on the crystal clear waters, there is plenty to discover. These

September 23, 2019 | Category: All, Drying Systems |

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Pronomar Equips SOV’s Louis Dreyfus

In 2017, Cemre Shipyards was contracted by Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) to build their new Service Operation Vessel (SOV), named the “Wind of Change”. With accommodation for 90 people, this vessel is one of the biggest SOV’s in the offshore wind industry. After a successful delivery in April of this year, LDA commissioned Cemre Shipyard once again to build their sister vessel named “Wind of Hope”. This vessel is planned to be delivered in 2021 and will support the building of two offshore wind farms near the coast of England. Both SOV’s offer the most modern and comfortable conditions such as cinemas, gymnasia etc. for the technicians onboard. However, how important it is to keep your crew happy in their

September 10, 2019 | Category: All |

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Merus rings, VOS Stone, green water technology

Sustainably Withstanding Water Obstacles With Merus Rings on the VOS Stone

Following successful installation on board ‘VOS Start’, Vroon contracted Pronomar to equip sister newbuild vessel, ‘VOS Stone’, with the Merus technology. These two subsea-support walk-to-work units were purpose built for Vroon, to support offshore operations and walk-to-work (W2W) projects in today’s Renewable Energy and Oil & Gas industries. Installation of the professional Merus rings was one of the last steps ‘VOS Stone’ had to undertake, since she was already contracted for offshore logistics activities and W2W support at the Arkona Offshore Windfarm park. On board various vessels and offshore platforms, the Merus ring has proven valuable in counteracting issues with corrosion, scaling and marine growth, such as mussels and barnacles, in pipelines. The technology consists of a treated ring that

May 14, 2019 | Category: All, Merus |

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