Boot Cleaner

Pronomar’s professional boot cleaner is ideal for tough use by e.g. industrial or maritime organisations (e.g. polar expedition cruise vessels), but also fire stations, police departments, the military, commercial and agricultural organizations can make use of the boot cleaner. It has a great robustness and flexibility. With everything made from solid stainless steel 316 (with seawater resistant quality), the frame, casing and fittings have a long service life, with extended warranty of 5 years.

PX72.SC Boot Cleaner Standard

PX72.SC Boot Cleaner Plus

Three heavy-duty brushes with water spray nozzles clean the soles and edges of the footwear optimally, whereas a water-connected hand brush ensures a thorough cleaning of the tops and shafts of the boots. The boot washer is suitable for both boots as well as ankle-high work shoes. With the extra high handle, you can secure a safe, straight and stable standing position. Since the boot cleaner does not require an electrical connection, it only needs to be connected to the water supply via a 1/2″ joint piece. This makes the boot cleaner also very suitable for retrofitting, due in part to its compact dimensions. The boot washing station can be used as stand-alone model or can be fixed to the floor.

The water coming from the spray nozzles cleans all sides and soles of the dirty footwear by rubbing the boots in the hard bristles of the three heavy-duty brushes, and by using the additional hand-brush all dirt from the tops and shafts of the boots is removed effortlessly within seconds. With the boot cleaner plus the water flow is opened and shut-off by activating an integrated ball valve.

+ Robust for professional use, yet compact and space-saving
+ Trouble-free operation and long service life
+ Frame, casing and fittings made from solid stainless steel 316, seawater and salt resistant quality for maritime use and heavy industries (e.g. in winter periods with salt-spreading on roads)
+ Extended warranty of 5 years on all stainless steel parts
+ Extra high handle, to secure a safe, straight and stable standing position
+ 3 heavy-duty brushes for the proper cleaning of the soles and edges of the footwear
+ 16 water spray nozzles for widespread rinsing
+ Water-connected hand brush for the thorough cleaning of the boot tops and shafts
+ Elevated from floor by 4 spacers on suction cups (stable and secure placement)
+ To be used as stand-alone model and for floor fixing
+ No power consumption
+ Quick to install, simple connection to the water supply


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