Drying cabinets (GRP)

Pronomar  teamed up with Jo Bird & Co. Ltd, the internationally recognised leader in the design and manufacture of livesaving and fire safety equipment storage. Together they created an exciting new range of drying cabinets.

Jo Bird’s robust, high performance GRP cabinets combined with Pronomar’s drying equipment with fast coupling system and virtually indestructible stainless steel fittings make for a formidable pairing. The resulting cabinets offer fast and reliable drying of essential work and safety wear in the most challenging of environmental conditions.

The highly efficient drying method uses warm-air conducted through continuous stainless steel tubes and via nozzles directly into the clothes. Offering maximum levels of hygiene, the drying system reduces staff illness and improves team moral whilst also prolonging the life of the equipment.

The GRP cabinets have withstood temperatures of -40C to +50C, and defied the destructive forces of water, ice, sand, dust and wind. So, you can be confident that the GRP cabinets will provide a sanctuary for your lifesaving equipment.

The drying cabinets can be customised precisely to your specification. We also offer fittings to dry life vests, re-breathers etc.


GRP jo bird pronomar drying cabinet boots

For drying 20 pairs of boots

Dimensions: W 1304 x H 1831 x D 785 mm


GRP jo bird pronomar drying cabinet work clothes immersion suits

For drying 8 work suits (or jacket/trouser combinations)

Dimensions: W 1400 x H 2050 x D 950 mm

For further information on the “Pro Bird” drying cabinet range and to discuss your requirements please contact us.


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