Training & service stations

Training stations

At a training center people are trained to work offshore and to handle a crisis. These trainings mainly take place in water which causes wet training gear. It is more pleasant for the trainees to start their training with warm and dry training suits. The mobile drying systems dry the suits quickly and avoid complaints from trainees about wet, cold and (bad) smelling clothes.

Service stations

With the aid of the drying systems a service centre is able to manage a faster turnaround, from receipt of the suits to servicing and returning them to the respective owners.

Step 1

To facilitate the drying process – especially when suits are very wet inside e.g. after inside washing – we advise to first let the suit drip out in an up-side-down position in order to get rid of any excess water.

Step 2

Fit the suits around the drying hangers, for the drying of the inside of the suits

Step 3

For suits in over-length or for drying after washing (when the fixed boots are completely soaked) it is recommended to slide up the trouser legs on the hanger to allow a forced air stream into the boot tips.


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