ELEDRY systems

Boots, shoes and gloves are used day in day out, intensively, and in greatly varying temperature and weather conditions. The result: the gear is wet, damp or remains sweaty. The ELEDRY drying systems ensure that the people can start their next shift in comfortable attire.

The plug-and-play drying systems are designed for easy use. The boot dryer ELEDRY has electrically heated hangers. On the uniquely designed rounded hangers you can dry all kinds of footwear and gloves. This is our most energy and cost efficient system, with a drying time of approx. 4-5 hours.

electric boot dryer

The ELEDRY drying systems have electrically heated hangers and are optionally available with timers. This ensures an easy handling of the systems, so that by switching on the timers everybody can quickly start the dryers. Pronomar’s range is available from 5 up to 30 pairs, in a single or double sided configuration. The system is suitable for the drying of not only boots, but also shoes and gloves. Please ask for the possibilities.

Advantages       Features
+ dry and hygienic footwear       + available with wind-up timer 6h/12h
+ ready for plug-in          or socket timer 24h
+ lifespan extends by 2 – 3 times       + no wear and tear parts
+ improvement for work and leisure       + designed for continuous use
+ drying from inside-out       + low energy consumption
+ robust, nearly indestructible system          5 pairs, 80 W/h        15 pairs, 240 W/h
+ space-saving          10 pairs, 160 W/h     20 pairs, 320 W/h
+ eco-friendly       + connection to 230 V (optionally to 110 V)
+ maintenance-free          user safe 12 V DC technology
+ completely soundless       + flexible C13/C14 plug connection

The drying time with the ELEDRY system is approx. 4-5 hours depending on material and degree of humidity. Addtionally the minimum room temperature required in the room is +12 °C. In case you are looking for the fastest drying option, please have a look at the boot dryers AIR with air blower Flow200.


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