Spare Parts

One of many advantages of Pronomar’s drying systems, is the ability to design it to your particular wishes and needs. This is mainly possible, as the systems are composed of several different elements. Many of these spare parts are also separately available or as an addition to your order.

Operational Spare Parts

filters for warm air blower of drying systems

Dust Filter Set

  • Article nr.: PX10.02.DF
  • multi-layer dust filter for blower PX10.FLOW300, 1 set of 2 pcs
  • 1 spare set per blower included in the original delivery. Equals to the first 2 years spares
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Long Term Spare Parts & Changeable Components

warm-air blower for quick drying of workwear

Warm-air Blower Unit FLOW300

  • Article nr.: PX10.FLOW300
  • Temperature approx. 39 ° C (with 20 ° C room temperature)
  • 230 V (optionally 110 V) ~50/60 Hz, 1.500 W (PN ø 1.000 W/h)
  • Dimensions: W 30 x D 21 x H 21 cm
  • Expected per blower: 1 piece per 4-8 operational years (depending on frequency of use)
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timer for drying systems

6h Wind-up Timer

  • Article nr.: PX10.06.TW/TR
  • Wall-mounted or fixed to freestanding/mobile rack (to warm-air blower FLOW300)
  • Setting up to 6 h (360 minutes)
  • Cables with C13/C14 connections 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Also suitable for cabinets
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professional workwear hanger

Storage Hanger

  • Article nr.: SHH Hanger
  • Available in stainless steel 304 or seawater resistant steel 316
  • For heavy duty clothing; immersion suits, coveralls or jackets
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