Coverall Dryer

Depending on the type and thickness of your coveralls, you can choose between different drying hangers. Furthermore, the hangers are available in three length-sizes. In case not all drying hangers are needed, it is possible to close off several coupling sections to guide the full air capacity to the occupied hangers.

Coveralls are most often used to protect the work force from any dangers which may occur on the work floor. This also means that coveralls have to be worn in extremely warm or cold environments or at locations where the work wear can get wet. In all these circumstances, dry outfits are highly appreciated by the crew.

We’ll be happy to discuss these options with you in more detail, to help you choose the most suitable system.

Pronomar professional drying systems for the efficient drying of work suits



Art. Nr.

8 pers

7 pers

6 pers

5 pers

4 pers

W 115 x H 140 x D 82 cm

W 100 x H140 x D 82 cm

W 85 x H 140 x D 82 cm

W 70 x H 140 x D 82 cm

W 55 x H 140 x D 82 cm






The drying systems are also available with 20 cm distance between the hangers, which is recommended for thick fire tunics, thermal protective suits and diving suits.
Product Information (1 of 2)
Product Information (2 of 2)


  • dry and hygienic equipment

  • lifespan PPE extends by 2-3 times

  • improvement for work and leisure

  • drying from inside-out

  • fast drying

  • easy-to-operate

  • robust, nearly indestructible system

  • space-saving

  • available with timer

  • plug and play


  • brushless, digital blower unit

  • maintenance-free

  • designed for continuous use

  • equal and constant air flow

  • low energy consumption

  • many extensions possible

  • hangers detachable from air tube

  • one-hand coupling

  • NEW: tool-free filter change

  • NEW: stepless air flow regulation

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