DUO dryer

The DUO dryer comes equipped with detachable drying racks for working clothes, footwear and gloves. Warm air is conducted through continuous stainless steel tubes and emerges via nozzles. This ensures a careful and efficient interior drying and enables up to two or three times longer life-time of materials.

duo drying system

4 pers.

3 pers.

2 pers.

W 115 x H 140 x D 82 cm

W 85 x H 140 x D 82 cm

W 55 x H 140 x D 82 cm




•   warm-air blower FLOW200 230 Volt ~ 1.500 Watt (PN ø 1.000 W/h)
•   guarantee for warm-air blower FLOW200 is 2 years or 5.500 operating hours
•   CE marked and the blower meets the requirements of the law on safety of electrical equipment
•   also available with a timer (6h or 24h)
•   guarantee on the drying racks is 8 years
•   made of stainless steel 304 or seawater resistant steel 316
•   equipped with an easy-to-operate one-hand coupling, with which a hanger can easily be taken off to redesign  the system by attaching a different type
•   drying time: 30 min. – 4 hours (depending on material and degree of humidity)
•   wall-mounting, stand-free version or mounted on a mobile rack

Thanks to the air conducting system, warm-air is passed directly into the internal problem areas (armpits, shoulders, back). Additional nozzles in the tube frame provide a fast and careful drying of the clothes from the outside.


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