How does the Merus ring work?

The MERUS technology exists of a programmed ring installed around a pipe, which gives off molecular oscillations disturbing the lime scale, rust, bacteria, algae etc. in your fresh- or seawater lines and applications. Afterwards, the substances are flushed away leaving water lines and applications mostly free of harmful build-up and bringing them back to high performance levels.

Of which elements does it improve the efficiency?

Heat exchangers, cooling loops, cooling towers, cooling water treatment, seawater evaporators, (steam) boilers, calorifiers, reverse osmosis systems, all kind of seawater applications, separators, hydrophores, pumps, and more.

What is the ring made of?

The Merus ring is made out of two halves of a treated alloy.

How is it installed?

The two halves can easily be installed on the outside of a pipe as a collar. Once the Merus ring is installed, it automatically starts to emit different kind of oscillations. F

For which types of water is the MERUS ring applicable?

The MERUS ring can be applied to both fresh and salt water pipes. Experience has shown that the MERUS ring continues to function at water temperatures far above 300 ° C. However, the temperature of the outside of the pipe may not exceed 90 ° C.

Can the MERUS ring be installed on any type of pipe?

Yes! The MERUS ring can be installed on any type of pipe. Some examples are:
– PVC pipes
– Copper pipes
– Plastic pipes
– Lead pipes

How many rings do I need?

For small applications (e.g. private homes up to 6 apartments) usually one Merus Ring is sufficient. It is installed at the main water line in the basement. The smalles Merus Rings (3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4”) have a capacity of 12m³ per day – this equals the maximum water consumption of 20 persons. For industrial application we have special Merus Rings for higher flow rates. We have made successful installations with a flow volume of more than 10,000 m³ per hour.

How can the MERUS ring be installed?

In private homes or for small installations no expertise is needed. That’s why we send you the ring and you can install it on your own. All you need is a Allan Hex Key and some insulating tape. You will get an installation manual with your Merus Ring or as PDF. For bigger installations where the place of installation has to be chosen carefully, we provide support by our technicians or partners world wide. We will decide what is suitable in cooperation with you.

How can I order the MERUS ring?

If you are interested in purchasing a MERUS ring, please get in contact with us and let us know for what it will be used, so that we can send you the most detailed offer.


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