The electrical equipment (warm-air blower FLOW300) is capable of operating continuously at rated power in the following conditions:

• Air temperature min. +5 º C – max. +30 º C

The IP rating for the blower unit FLOW300 is IP5X. For the drying racks no IP rating is required, as they do not contain any life parts. The only electrical part of the AIR system is the blower, which can be mounted right below the ceiling.

For certain (industrial) applications, there are possibilities to make modifications and consequently provide an adjusted IP rating according to industry-specific regulations. Please get in contact with us to discuss the options.

The operational system of the ELEDRY® system runs with 12V only, thus is very user-safe.

This is the exact plug type (2 pin European plug) that we deliver as a standard. Also known as the German “SCHUKO-Stecker”.

Plug Blower FLOW300

Our systems are offered on supply-only basis and are designed for plug-and-play usage, thus commissioning is not required.

Some customers prefer to have a drying cabinet over a wall-mounted drying system, for optical or practical reasons. There is a marginal difference in the drying time too.

Pronomar’s drying systems are very ‘straight-forward’ without flexible settings for air volume and temperature. Our blowers are automatically set on perfect working parameters, so that by simply switching on the timer, everybody can quickly start the dryers without first having to check all different settings.

Pronomar’s blowers do not make use of radial fans (most of which make under 3.000 RPM and are not suitable for blowing continuously in small stainless steel tubes) and heating elements. In non-stop operation these two aspects combines can result in overheating due to too much counter pressure.

Warm-air blower unit FLOW300 has a double overheating securing. A mechnical securing for the air inlet and an electronic securing for the air exhaust.

Even though being designed for high-duty applications in industry and the maritime sector, for the classification societies our drying systems rank as domestic appliances (like e.g. household coffee machine, water cooker, etc.). Thus, our systems are not delivered under class.

Click here to have a read on how energy efficient the drying systems are.

Pronomar’s flexible and modular system fit in all rooms; from small niches to complete large-scale drying rooms. For your personalised drying room, we provide a free AutoCAD engineering service.

There is a warranty of 8 years on all stainless steel drying racks and 2 years or 5.500 hours of operation on the warm-air blowers FLOW300.

The Merus technology consists of a programmed ring installed around a pipe, which gives off molecular oscillations disturbing the lime scale, rust, bacteria, algae etc. in your fresh- or seawater lines and applications. Afterwards, the substances are flushed away leaving water lines and applications mostly free of harmful build-up and bringing them back to high performance levels.

Heat exchangers, cooling loops, cooling towers, cooling water treatment, seawater evaporators, (steam) boilers, calorifiers, reverse osmosis systems, all kind of seawater applications, separators, hydrophores, pumps, and more.

The Merus ring is made out of two halves of a treated alloy.

The two halves can easily be installed on the outside of a pipe as a collar. Once the Merus ring is installed, it automatically starts to emit different kind of oscillations.

The Merus water treatment can be applied to both fresh and salt water pipes. Experience has shown that the Merus ring continues to function at water temperatures far above 300 ° C. However, the temperature of the outside of the pipe may not exceed 90 ° C.

Yes! The Merus ring can be installed on any type of pipe. Some examples are:
– PVC pipes
– Copper pipes
– Plastic pipes
– Lead pipes

For small applications (e.g. private homes up to 6 apartments) usually one Merus Ring is sufficient. It is installed at the main water line in the basement. The smalles Merus Rings (3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4”) have a capacity of 12m³ per day – this equals the maximum water consumption of 20 persons. For industrial application we have special Merus Rings for higher flow rates. We have made successful installations with a flow volume of more than 10,000 m³ per hour.

In private homes or for small installations no expertise is needed. That’s why we send you the ring and you can install it on your own. All you need is an Allen Hex Key and some insulating tape. You will get an installation manual with your Merus Ring or as PDF. For bigger installations where the place of installation has to be chosen carefully, we provide support by our technicians or partners world wide. We will decide what is suitable in cooperation with you.

If you are interested in purchasing a Merus ring, please visit our store or get in contact with us and let us know for what it will be used, so that we can send you the most detailed offer.

On our website it is not possible to directly order products, however it is possible to request a quote. See our store for our products and request the products in which you are interested, so that we can send you a non-binding offer as soon as possible. Please feel free to reach out to us if you prefer talking about the different types of possibilities (+31 (0)78 68 19 481 / info@pronomar.com).

Our office is located in Hendrik Ido Ambacht, the Netherlands. If you wish to see the products and their functioning, please feel free to schedule an appointment (+31 (0) 78 68 19 481 / info@pronomar.com).

You absolutely can! Pronomar’s employees actively visit numerous exhibitions worldwide and is periodically also represented with its own stand. Please check out our events calendar or follow our social media accounts.