The Merus water treatment is certainly on its place in the maritime sector. This environment-friendly water treatment has proven itself on board of hundreds of vessels, such as on board of cruiseliners, ferries, RoRo vessels, containervessels, tankers, bulk carriers, dredging vessels, offshore vessels, accommodation vessels, trawlers, river cruise vessels, etc.

Green Shipping is something that everybody in the shipping industry is talking about. The Merus water treatment can add to this by providing cleaner equipment, saving energy and eventually chemicals. Another aspect is the prolonged service intervals and the long life-span of the equipment.

drying racks for expedition cruises
Cruise lines
professional water technology for dredging ships
Pronomar for offshore and farshore applications

The Merus ring is effective in cold and warm water, as well as fresh and seawater and technical water and provides a solution for:

Merus technology for corrosion problems
Merus technology for seawater lines
Merus ring for pipelines to prevent hydrocarbons and biofouling
Suitable for the following applications:
  • fresh water generators
  • drinking water systems
  • cooling water
  • sea water
  • reverse osmosis systems
  • ballast water
  • steam generators
  • separators

Downloads for further information
Merus Maritime One Sheet
Reference Wagenborg Slingenborg
Reference Boskalis Shoreway

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