Pronomar Achieves Successes in the Hotel Branch

Besides having a good track-record in the maritime industry, Pronomar also operates in the hotel industry with their MERUS water treatment technology. Many hotels deal with lime scale and other related issues in their boilers, kitchen equipment, swimming pools, sauna’s and of course in the hotel rooms, mainly on the sanitary facilities. This could have a negative impact on the experience of the hotel guests, therefore everything needs to be done to keep the facilities clean and lime scale free. Most hotels use water softeners to prevent these problems from occurring. However, since regeneration salt is being used to clean the filters of the water softener, there always needs to be a stock in the machine. The amount of salt that is required for the water softener, is determined by how often the machine is used. Regular maintenance on the equipment is a requirement that comes along with inextricably costs and time.

Pronomar’s MERUS water treatment gives off an overlapping molecular frequency to the water, which will make the lime and rust react differently and the deposits will remain longer in suspension. This way it will get little to no chance to build up inside the water lines and/or other related equipment. Pronomar points out equipment will last up to 30% longer, if the water contains less lime-scale. Besides, if lime-scale in the equipment will harden overtime, it will need more energy to get the same results. The MERUS ring can save up 20% in terms of energy. Also, Pronomar promises that the hotel chains can save their expenditures on cleaning products and costs with 50%.

Since the MERUS water treatment does not add or subtract anything to the water, it is an entirely environmental friendly solution. Whenever equipment uses less energy, it also has a positive impact on the environment, and because of the fact less cleaning products will be used, hotel chains are less likely to affect the environment with harmful substances.

The MERUS ring has a warranty of five years and in order to ensure the proper functioning of the ring, hotels can choose to re-calibrate the ring afterwards. Intermediate maintenance is not necessary.

Meanwhile, several hotels are already equipped with the MERUS technology. Hotels in the Netherlands like Van Der Valk, Hotel Ara Zwijndrecht, Novotel The Hague World Forum, StayOkay Vondelpark and Amsterdam Zeeburg, Mercure Hotel The Hague, Mercure Hotel Tilburg, Mercure Hotel Nijmegen, Westcord Hotels, the SS Rotterdam and Hotel New York Rotterdam have seen the phenomena lime-scaling, after installing the MERUS ring, significantly reduced.

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