Pronomar Equips SOV’s Louis Dreyfus

In 2017, Cemre Shipyards was contracted by Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) to build their new Service Operation Vessel (SOV), named the “Wind of Change”. With accommodation for 90 people, this vessel is one of the biggest SOV’s in the offshore wind industry. After a successful delivery in April of this year, LDA commissioned Cemre Shipyard once again to build their sister vessel named “Wind of Hope”. This vessel is planned to be delivered in 2021 and will support the building of two offshore wind farms near the coast of England. Both SOV’s offer the most modern and comfortable conditions such as cinemas, gymnasia etc. for the technicians onboard. However, how important it is to keep your crew happy in their time-off, as important is it to keep them comfortable during working hours. That is why Cemre Shipyard has contacted Pronomar to equip both SOV’s with drying systems for the workwear of the technicians. The drying systems, made from seawater resistant steel, dry their coveralls, jackets, trousers, boots and gloves within a short amount of time, guaranteeing a comfortable and dry start of each shift. The drying systems prolong the lifespan of the costly workwear, while at the same time improve the comfort and health of the people working outside.

Pronomar will be showcasing their drying equipment at the Offshore Energy Exhibition 2019 at booth 1.901.

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