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Sustainably Withstanding Water Obstacles With Merus Rings on the VOS Stone

Following successful installation on board ‘VOS Start’, Vroon contracted Pronomar to equip sister newbuild vessel, ‘VOS Stone’, with the Merus technology. These two subsea-support walk-to-work units were purpose built for Vroon, to support offshore operations and walk-to-work (W2W) projects in today’s Renewable Energy and Oil & Gas industries. Installation of the professional Merus rings was one of the last steps ‘VOS Stone’ had to undertake, since she was already contracted for offshore logistics activities and W2W support at the Arkona Offshore Windfarm park.

On board various vessels and offshore platforms, the Merus ring has proven valuable in counteracting issues with corrosion, scaling and marine growth, such as mussels and barnacles, in pipelines. The technology consists of a treated ring that is installed around relevant pipe(s). Once in place, the ring emits molecular oscillations to disrupt all types of rust, limescale, algae, etc. in water lines and applications. As a result, the water can easily flush away any harmful substances and the pipelines maintain high performance levels, free of troublesome build-up.

Usually, these problems are treated by chemical additives. Such additives are generally harmful to the environment, take up space on board and the manual cleaning operations take up valuable time for the crew. Regular clean-ups can result in long downtimes and consequent, high costs. With the Merus technology in place, crew members are no longer confronted by these frequent procedures and can focus fully on vessel safety, operations and wellbeing of any passengers.

For more information about the Merus technology and all the water-related issues it can solve, please click here or get in contact with us through this link.

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