Russian Fleet Fishing in Dry Workwear

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The Russian fishing industry has access to twelve seas in three oceans. With their sometimes intense weather conditions, the demand for professional drying room equipment onboard the vessels in this region is only becoming greater. Pronomar is actively engaged in various newbuilding projects for

Lower Dess Sporting Estates Choose Boot Dryer for New Fishing Lodge

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In 2011 the Lower Dess estate was purchased by the Clayton family, who, in becoming Scottish landowners, were fulfilling a life-long dream. Over the years, they have restored much of the estate to its full potential, e.g. by transforming an old farm into the most

UPDATE – Warm feet while skating at Swedice

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Pronomar is pleased to report that the Dutch company Swedice placed her first order. Swedice provides ice and snow related activities and offers products and services associated with winter entertainment. Events made possible by Swedice include the annual ice rink at Museumplein in Amsterdam and the

Pronomar happy about new business with Kazakhstan

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We are happy about a new order from the company Alprom LLP, a Kazakh company located in Atyrau, a leading provider of inventory to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Alprom contacted us for our established and innovative Pronomar – Top Trock stainless steel drying

Boot dryers for Cemre Shipyards, Wärtsila Ship Design trawler NB 25

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We are happy about an order from Cemre Shipyards, located in Yalova/Turkey, for a currently being built purse seiner fishing trawler, a creation of the world famous Wartsila ship design company. Cemre Shipyards ordered one of our Pronomar - Top Trock multipurpose drying panels, made

Myklebust goes for Pronomar once again

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After many successful projects carried out with Myklebust Verft, a Gursken-based part of Kleven Maritime AS and combining the building of new ships, like Coast Guard Vessels, fishing vessels as well as offshore and service vessels, in the past, Pronomar are thrilled about their new

STX OSV opts for dry boots

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Pronomar are happy about a recent order they got from STX Norway Accommodation AS, a company specializing in the interior outfitting of the accommodation areas of their new-build vessels. They are part of STX OSV, a major global shipbuilder, construction both offshore and specialized vessels

New cooperation with Cornelis Vrolijk

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After working together already in the past, Pronomar were happy to again receive an order from Cornelis Vrolijk BV, to equip their trawler SCH72 "Frank Bonefaas" with their by now well established Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems. All in all, Cornelis Vrolijk ordered drying systems for

Brewery of Trappist Abbey go for dry boots and gloves

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Pronomar are very happy about an order from the Westmalle Abbey of the Trappists to supply their highly efficient Pronomar-Top Trock boot and glove dryers for the monks’ brewery. For more than 200 years now the monks live a life of prayer and believe in

Global Tech goes for Drying Systems

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With the wind farming industry growing more important every year, we see more and more potential in this market also for our efficient drying systems. We are therefore extra pleased about an order we got from Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH, based in Hamburg,

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