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Efficiently Drying All Types of Fishermen’s Workwear

Pronomar is looking forward to the first edition of the Skipper Expo in Limerick. With their innovative drying systems, Pronomar is witnessing an increasing interest in drying solutions for oil skins, jackets, bibs, boots, gloves and other gear. The drying systems, established from stainless steel 304 or 316, ensure a fast and internal drying of clothing by using a powerful warm-air blower. A large amount of air flows through the continuous stainless steel framework and is distributed directly into the clothing, reaching all areas from the arm pits to the tips of the boots and reducing unpleasant odors caused by bacteria growing in moist environments. Extending the lifespan of the clothes is also a reason why more companies in the

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UPDATE – Drying Systems On-board the DP Gezina and DP Galyna

After already cooperating on various occasions in the past, Pronomar were happy to have received a new order from Holland Shipyards, a shipbuilding company that combines all-round craftsmanship with a strong accent on customer service. The customer-orientation is also reflected in their main corporate goal to deliver the vessels with the highest quality and a level of reliability within the shortest possible lead time. In October 2012 one of their projects was the conversion of the DP Gezina and DP Galyna, which Holland Shipyards was commissioned by Chevalier Floatels to convert into a DP2 support vessel for staff accommodation and transport vessel to offshore wind farm installations. The key words are wellbeing and comfort of the staff, reducing operating costs

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iestern Sander orders Pronomar's suit dryers

UPDATE – Niestern Sander orders Pronomar’s suit dryers

Niestern Sander, a leading Dutch shipbuilding company, recently ordered one of the Pronomar drying systems, to be installed on board the Kroonborg, a maintenance support vessel build by order of Wagenborg Shipping. In total the multipurpose drying system, made from solid stainless steel and thus built to last, will take care of the proper drying of 16 survival suits, jackets/trousers or overalls as well as 15 pairs of boots/shoes or gloves. The systems dry efficiently and gently from the inside out by means of a big amount of warm air coming from a powerful, yet energy-efficient, blower. The formfitting hangers are rounded off to prevent damage, which together with the proper drying prolongs the lifetime of the costly work wear. From

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Boot dryer on board the Mylos

Pronomar is happy about a new order from Ocean Rig, an international offshore drilling contractor. The order was placed by Ocean Rig in Athens/Greece where it was decided to provide their crew on board the deepwater drill ship Mylos with one of the established and highly efficient drying panel for their work boots and shoes. The boot dryer, completely made from solid stainless steel works totally noiseless and is completely maintenance free. The dryer dries the boots electrically, efficiently and fast on rounded hangers from the inside out using the principle of insulation. However, not only the boots/shoes benefit from being dried properly on a daily basis with a longer lifetime, also the crew do. Properly dried footwear increases your well-being

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Glomar Offshore Wind Support Rides The Wave with Pronomar Drying Systems!

Glomar Offshore Wind Support B.V. operates service vessels for the offshore wind industry. With their new vessel ‘Glomar Wave’ they will be able to provide the following services: – Offshore Windfarm Accommodation Vessel – Dive Support Vessel – Safety Standby Vessel / Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel – (Platform) Supply Vessel – Survey Vessel For the development of the Glomar Wave the latest techniques in shipbuilding and equipment were used. Amongst the many amenities the vessel offers are also Pronomar’s highly efficient drying systems for work jackets and trousers, survival and diving suits, as well as for boots and gloves. The performant drying room equipment will not only see to the own crew’s and guest crew’s well-being with always comfortable

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New agent in Norway

We are happy to introduce the company AirTek AS as our new agent in Norway, with a special focus on the offshore oil & gas industry. AirTek AS will promote our innovative, established and environment-friendly Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems to their clients in Norway. AirTek AS already purchased two mobile demo dryers, consisting of drying systems for boots/shoes, gloves, jackets, trousers and overalls. With these they can present and explain the systems in detail or even leave the systems with their clients for a trial period to convince them of the quality we provide. We trust AirTek’s customers will appreciate the many advantages and comfort our drying systems stand for. Made from high-quality, solid stainless steel they prolong the lifetime

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Dry work wear for employees Seabourn Quest

Seabourn Cruise Line runs a fleet of six ultra-luxury cruising ships, sailing to the world’s most desirable destinations at their respective peak season. Award-winning crews, hand-picked, extensively trained and numbering nearly as many as the guests, deliver the thoughtful, personalized and heartfelt hospitality Seabourn Cruise Line is known for and which leaves nothing to be desired by the passengers on-board. In 2011 Seabourn Cruise Line completed their fleet of six ships by adding the Seabourn Quest. For this ship specifically Seabourn Cruise Line decided to provide their highly skilled and busy staff with some extra comfort which is where Pronomar B.V., based in Rotterdam (NL) and an established and competent worldwide supplier of innovative, efficient drying systems, came into play.

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Seaworks (NO) appointed Pronomar to deliver drying systems for Martin H vessels

We are very happy about an order we received from Seaworks, a Norwegian company based in Harstad that stands for maritime competence in the fields of marine services, such as bulk transport, oil spill response services and eco technology, to name just a few. As Pronomar also stands for competence in the supply and delivery of drying systems to the maritime industry, Seaworks appointed us to deliver our efficient by now globally established Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems for their two vessels Martin H-NB1 and 2. On both vessels Seaworks decided to install our state-of-the-art stainless steel drying systems for up to 5 survival suits, overalls, jackets, trousers, caps or hoods as well as 6 pairs of boots or gloves each.

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Ocean Rig orders boot dryers for drill ship Corcovado

After supply our efficient and state-of-the-art-Top Trock boot dryers for their oil rig Poseidon last year, we were happy to see Ocean Rig, an international offshore drilling contractor, come back for more; this time for their drill ship Ocean rig Corcovado, drilling wells all over the world, for example in Greenland or Brazil, for various energy companies. After installation of the 20-pair- boot dryer, which works totally noiseless as well as maintenance-free with a warranty of 10 years, the people on-board can carry out their strenuous work in the safe knowledge that their boots are taken care of. But not only the boots benefit from being dried properly on a daily basis with a longer lifetime, also the crew benefit.

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New order from GloMar Shipmanagement > Glomar Patriot

GloMar Shipmanagement, located in Den Helder/NL, is one of our truly longstanding and faithful customers and we were therefore very happy about their new order. After the Glomar Baltic, which we were happy to equip with our established and efficient Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems last year, we were pleased about the order for the Glomar Patriot. The GloMar Patriot will, apart from all the technical know-how and state-of-the-art-equipment also feature a multipurpose Pronomar-Top Trock drying system for FRC suits, jackets, trousers, boots, gloves, splash suits etc. The drying systems, as usual manufactured from high-quality seawater-resistant steel, will take care of the crew’s expensive work wear, thus relieving their already strenuous work day. All the people have to do is put

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Excellent follow-up order from Holland Shipyards

Pronomar is pleased about a new order from Holland Shipyards, our long term and valued business partner. Only recently Holland Shipyards asked us to supply the efficient stainless steel Top Trock drying systems for their vessel DP Gezina, a support and transport vessel to offshore wind farm installations. Now it is for Gezinas sister vessel, the DP Galyna. Same as on board the Gezina, also the DP Galyna will feature drying systems for up to 30 work overalls, survival suits, jackets, trousers as well as boots or gloves. To counteract rocky conditions out at sea, our drying systems will come with extra welding to provide even more stability. The drying systems dry from the inside out (at all neuralgic zones,

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Cooperation with Tersan continues in 2013

After a successful first project carried out in 2011, Pronomar were extra pleased about a new order from Tersan. This time Tersan asked us to supply our established and highly efficient boot drying systems for the fishing vessel NB1016 Havstrand, under Norwegian ownership. The vessel, which is currently being built at Tersans Yalova shipbuilding site and due to be delivered at the end of April of this year, will be suitable for single and also twin trawl operation. The vessel not only boasts an electric propulsion system, freeze cargo holds and an advanced fish process plant, but also includes the well established and highly efficient Pronomar-Top Trock boot drying systems, entirely made from stainless steel and offering space to dry

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