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Pronomar Improves the Working Conditions in the Food Industry

Hygiene is a leading factor in today’s food industry. Random checks are carried out to minimize contamination risks during food production processes. Strict requirements are also imposed on work clothes. It is important to work in hygienical and clean clothing to ensure a hygienic production facility and to reduce the risk of contamination. Another important trend in the food industry is the increasing investment in the health and well-being of employees. It is an industry where a lot of work is performed in cold or humid spaces. Employers in the Dutch freezer industry often make arrangements for their employees by offering a cold allowance, or alternate their work in cold places with working in warmer places. Working in varying temperatures

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Pronomar Provides Public Gardening Departments in Europe With Drying Solutions

PGD’s are the specialists when it comes to the maintenance of public parks and playgrounds. This group has a very extensive package of tasks. Among other things, they carry out the following tasks: mowing grass fields and verges, cleaning up street edges and ditches, construction and maintenance works for ponds, forest management and the maintenance of cemeteries and public gardens. As it is a profession where a lot of work is done in the open air, this unfortunately often results in wet workwear. PGD’s were lacking a proper drying solution that could dry the workwear of their employees within a reasonable amount of time. As multiple municipalities asked for the help of Pronomar, their workers can now start their shifts

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Combo dryer for fishery clothing

Pronomar’s COMBO Drying Systems for Damen’s VOLT Processor

In 2016 Damen Shipyards Group signed a contract with VOLT Service AS in Norway for the construction of a Utility Vessel: the Volt Processor UV-4312. The vessel was delivered in May of 2018 and is fitted with the latest chemical-free delousing installation and offers the ability to service more farms across larger areas and in more open waters. During the construction of the vessel build of the ship, the VOLT Processor is equipped with Pronomar’s COMBO drying system. In addition to the work that the vessel will execute at the fish farms, the vessel can also be fitted out for light inspection, repair and maintenance for the offshore energy sector, buoy-laying and dive support. This makes the VOLT Processor a

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Drying Systems for Technicians on Board of Østensjø’s SOV’s

In 2016, the Norwegian shipping company Østensjø Rederi commissioned shipyard Astilleros Gondán to build two Service Operation Vessels (SOV), named the Edda Passat and the Edda Mistral. These vessels are equipped with 60 accommodations. Most of these accommodations are reserved for the wind turbine technicians. From these ships, the technicians of Dong Energy will perform their tasks at various offshore windfarms at the North sea. Thanks to the so-called walk to work gangway, Østensjø Rederi can guarantee their technicians safety and comfort during their activities. Improving Comfort Pronomar has contributed to the improvement of comfort on board, by supplying suit dryers, as well as boot- and glove dryers. These drying systems provide not only dry workwear at any time for

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Oil Skin Dryer for the Trawler SCH24 Afrika

Jaczon B.V. was founded in 1954 in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. Over the years, Jaczon developed into a big player in terms of fishing, processing and sales of seafood. The company operates an impressive fleet of 13 big vessels and a few small fishing boats. In May 2015, Pronomar received an order from Jaczon regarding the trawler SCH24 Afrika. The order included drying systems for the changing room and boat deck locker. Pronomar was very pleased to receive this repeat order, after having outfitted their trawler SCH123 Zeeland back in 2012. The drying systems on the main deck dry oil skin jackets and boots for 14 crew and 30 pairs of gloves, not only for the deck crew, but also for

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