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No More Sleepless Nights: How to Effectively Remove Lime Scale Caused by Hard Water

After successfully providing several Basic Fit clubs with a demo-installation of the MERUS water treatment technology, the Basic Fit managers have seen the benefits for their gym clubs for themselves. In February 2015, 28 clubs had already been outfitted with the MERUS Technology by Pronomar B.V. and in the meantime this amount has increased to 74 (January 2017). Pronomar, who travels to multiple clubs in Belgium and Luxembourg each month to install the MERUS rings, is particularly happy with these accomplishments and the pleasant collaboration with Basic Fit. Every water consumer suffers from extensive build-up of lime scale in water lines and/or dishwashers, washing machines, boilers, showers etc. In the Netherlands, water hardness is expressed in German degrees of hardness

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