Pronomar Achieves Successes in the Hotel Branch

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Besides having a good track-record in the maritime industry, Pronomar also operates in the hotel industry with their MERUS water treatment technology. Many hotels deal with lime scale and other related issues in their boilers, kitchen equipment, swimming pools, sauna’s and of course in the

Fletcher chooses for Pronomar MERUS ring at the Stadspark Hotel

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After a successful trial period, Fletcher Stadspark Hotel in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, decided to place an order in December 2014. Within the trial period it’s become soon clear to the hotel that they had fewer problems with lime scaling in the wellness area.

MS Rotterdam is very satisfied with Pronomar MERUS rings

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In May and June 2014 Pronomar installed 4 MERUS rings on the MS Rotterdam at various applications in the kitchen, such as the dishwashers and the piping of the kitchen. Following very satisfying results, Holland America Line (HAL) decided to order 2 additional MERUS rings

28 Basic-Fit Belgium locations were equipped with MERUS rings

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Following promising results of (earlier) installations in April 2014 at Basic-Fit Brussels Madou and Waterloo, Basic-Fit Belgium gave an order to equip 28 other locations with the environment-friendly Pronomar - MERUS ring. The rings were installed by Pronomar during a so called “tour through Flanders

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