Alfa Laval Freshwater Generator now scale-free on-board the oil tanker “New Constellation”

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Pronomar recently received an order from Expedo Shipping Corporation Monaco, a company with an excellent reputation in shipping as owners and operators of tankers, bulkers and general cargo ships trading worldwide and operating, both ashore and onboard, in accordance with the shipping industry’s highest standards.

Reval Maritime School in Tallinn installs Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems

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Pronomar are happy about their first cooperation with MSCA Reval Maritime School in Tallinn, Estonia, who gave the order to supply the established and highly efficient Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems at their Maritime School to dry their trainees and staff’s survival suits. In total, stainless

First successful cooperation between Pronomar and Tersan Shipyards

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Pronomar were very happy to receive an order for boot/glove drying systems from Tersan Shipyards, located in Yalova/Turkey. The boot dryers will be part of the new-built Longliner Norway fishing vessel, under the ownership of Ervik Haviske, one of the leading fishing companies in Norway.

Green water treatment on board the VOS Sympathy

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Pronomar, who are by know well-known for their efficient and environment friendly solutions in terms of Greenwater treatment, are happy to have received an order from the company and ship-owner VOS (Vroon Offshore Services), with their Dutch office (one of 4 around the world) based

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