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Sustainably Withstanding Water Obstacles With Merus Rings on the VOS Stone

Following successful installation on board ‘VOS Start’, Vroon contracted Pronomar to equip sister newbuild vessel, ‘VOS Stone’, with the Merus technology. These two subsea-support walk-to-work units were purpose built for Vroon, to support offshore operations and walk-to-work (W2W) projects in today’s Renewable Energy and Oil & Gas industries. Installation of the professional Merus rings was one of the last steps ‘VOS Stone’ had to undertake, since she was already contracted for offshore logistics activities and W2W support at the Arkona Offshore Windfarm park. On board various vessels and offshore platforms, the Merus ring has proven valuable in counteracting issues with corrosion, scaling and marine growth, such as mussels and barnacles, in pipelines. The technology consists of a treated ring that

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Another Series of Boskalis Vessels Equipped with MERUS Durable Water Technology

After already having installed multiple MERUS rings on a number of Boskalis vessels, three other Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers have recently also opted for this environmental friendly solution. Boskalis, a leading global dredging and offshore contractor and maritime services provider, equipped the Queen of the Netherlands, the Fairway, the Prins der Nederlanden and recently  also the Medway and Beachway with several MERUS rings. These ships are now provided with a system which helps in the prevention of lime scale, corrosion and biological   problems in the water lines and water bearing systems. Why opt for a MERUS ring? The three Boskalis TSHDs are equipped with various evaporators, in which the seawater partially evaporates and the residual brine is conveyed back into

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VOS Sugar and Star Equipped With MERUS Water Treatment Technology

All of us can see the sustainability trend in the shipping and offshore industry. However, these companies are, with good reason, only receptive for environmentally friendly alternatives when they offer reliable and economic results. Vroon Offshore Services B.V, with headquarters based in the Dutch Breda, got to know Pronomar’s MERUS water treatment a couple of years ago. The MERUS water treatment is an environmentally friendly technology which keeps pipes and water bearing systems clean of lime scale, rust and bacteria for a longer period of time. Over the years, the responses coming from the superintendents and technical staff on-board the vessels which were using the MERUS technology were always positive and for that reasons there has been decided to equip

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The Day Of: Art and Durability

“I am definitely getting around!”, says Wieland Juch, student at the Technical University of Delft and Technical Maintenance Employee at Pronomar B.V. “One moment I am crawling through the wet underground area of the Police Academy, the next I am stepping on board of a ship and today I am standing in front of the Nightwatch at the Rijksmuseum”. In 2016, Pronomar B.V. was asked to install the MERUS water treatment technology in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Rings were installed before the warm water system and the boilers too have been equipped. How did Pronomar end up there? Via Croonwolter&dros, a merger of Croon and Wolter & Dros. For over 140 years, they have been in the vanguard of new

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Intercontinental Waterways Opts for the Durable MERUS Water Treatment Once Again

Intercontinental Waterways is a Swiss company with a fleet consisting of 40 river cruise ships, well known for the cruises on, amongst other things, Europe’s second-longest river: the Danube. On numerous ships, for example the Avalon Scenery, Panorama and Passion, the MERUS water treatment rings were installed by Pronomar and now Intercontinental Waterways has given Pronomar the order to outfit the River Navigator, River Discovery II, River Venture and River Splendor. In the Netherlands, water hardness is expressed in German degrees of hardness or ºdH. Within each country and even within each region, these amounts of water hardness can differ enormously. That is why it is considered a big challenge for river cruise ships, which bunker in different degrees of

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Trawler SCH 123 Zeeland cruises scale free

After recently equipping the trawler SCH123 Zeeland, owned by Jaczon, a family business set up 1954 in the Dutch port of Scheveningen and focussing on hering fishing and trade and now being one of the major players in terms of fishing, processing and sales of fish products with worldwide exports, with our efficient drying systems for the crew on board, Pronomar are happy to have received an order to supply our innovative solution for green water treatment, the MERUS rings, also to be installed on board the Zeeland SCH123. In total 3 rings were ordered and supplied: 1 IND BIO 1 ½” for the hydrofoor 1 IND ¾” also for the hydrofoor 1 IND ¾” ring for the feed line

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Excellent cooperation between Pronomar and GloMar

Pronomar are happy about our cooperation with GloMar, Ship management, located in Den Helder. GloMar decided on both of Pronomar’s by now well established products, the drying systems for all kinds of work wear, such as jackets, trousers, boots, shoes, gloves etc. but also the MERUS rings, a highly innovative, environment-friendly solution for green water treatment. Both the drying systems as well as the MERUS rings were installed on-board the new multipurpose offshore supply vessel “TNB”, built for GloMar and a state-of-the-art standby rescue/oil recovery and survey vessel, travelling under Panamese flag. Drying systems to cater for the crew’s work wear, survival suits, jackets, trousers as well as boot, gloves and even head gear, such as hoods, caps were installed.

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Excellent report from Boskalis

Back in 2009, Pronomar was pleased to install the biggest ring to date, a 24” High Industrial Capacity ring, at the main seawater pipe on-board the dredger MV Waterway, from Royal Boskalis Westminster NV. The main seawater pipe is the most important water feed line on board, it provides drinking water, jet water but also water to cool the engine. Thus it is crucial that it is always up to the highest standard in terms of performance. To ensure exactly that, the 24” MERUS rings was installed with the purpose to get rid off and prevent heavy scaling and, particularly on board the MV Waterway, dredging along the African Atlantic cost, maritime growth, such as barnacles etc. A year has

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Merus technology on board the Switzerland 2

Pronomar is happy to have received a very nice follow up order from Euroshipping Voyages, based in Bemmel and part of the Van Meegen Group. They offer a wide range of European luxury cruises on the Rhine, Moselle and Danube and other interesting sailing routes within Europe. With their luxurious accommodation, first-class service and relaxing atmosphere on-board they appeal to sophisticated guests who look only for the best to spend their holidays. Earlier this year Euroshipping Voyages bought the Switzerland 2, a cruise vessel with 55 cabins and an overall interior that leaves nothing to be desired. But not only their guests benefit from the ambition to offer only the best, also the vessels technical equipment is of the highest

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