WestCord Hotels benefits from the advantages of the MERUS ring

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With over 40 years of experience in the hotel industry, WestCord Hotels owns 15 unique four-star hotels throughout the Netherlands, suitable for business and leisure stays. It stands to reason that Pronomar is very pleased that WestCords Hotels decided to equip multiple locations with the

Environment-friendly water treatment on-board the Virginia

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Trans River Line is a Dutch operator specialised in offering cruises on major rivers and waterways of Europe, such as Rhine or Danube. Among their fleet is the MV Virginia, in fact their first cruise ship. Pronomar is very pleased to have been asked to

Scale free cruising thanks to Pronomar!

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Pronomar is happy about two new follow up orders from KD Cruise Services, who this time placed an order with Pronomar on behalf of Premicon Flussreisen GmbH. They decided to equip two of their cruise vessels, the Diamond Travelmarvel as well as the Mozart2 with

New orders from Rivertech

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After years of successful cooperation, Rivertech recently placed two new orders with Pronomar on account of the environment-friendly Pronomar-Merus rings for green water treatment, that was to be installed on board the cruise vessels AmaSonata and AmaReina. On both vessels the following rings were installed:

KD Cruise Services orders Pronomar–Merus water treatment for Avalon Tranquility and Avalon Imagery

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KD Cruise Services, headquartered in Cyprus, manages a large fleet of luxurious motor passenger ships. They have placed a follow-up order for two of their ships, the Avalon Tranquillity and Avalon Imagery, for the installation of three Pronomar – Merus rings per ship to counteract

New cooperation with Royal Boskalis Westminster

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After supplying Royal Boskalis Westminster with our innovative, efficient Pronomar-Merus rings several times in the past, we were happy about their new order. Same as on the “Manu Pekka” and the “Queen of the Netherlands”, Boskalis asked us to supply and install our rings on-board

Sri Lankan kids in orphanage to benefit from Merus technology

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We at Pronomar and Merus are very happy about a project in cooperation with the Dutch NGO, Sri Lanka 4 All, running many projects in Sri Lanka, among them an orphanage called Home of Hope. We were contacted by the NGO for our environment-friendly, innovative

Great feedback from Sofitel Marseille

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We were pleased when we recently received a letter of recommendation from our agent in the south of France, Fredober, from the company Sofitel in France. In 2011 we installed our innovative, environment-friendly Merus rings for green water treatment at their Sofitel Hotel in Marseille.

New agent for Merus in Austria

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We are happy to have acquired a new agent to help us promote our innovative, environment-friendly Pronomar-Merus solution for green water treatment in Austria. Mr. Reinhard Zieserl, based in Graz, will introduce this fantastic solution to counteract heavy scaling to hotels, fitness centres, and apartment

Wagenborg goes for Pronomar again

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Pronomar are very pleased to see our successful cooperation with Wagenborg continue, after working together on many projects in the past few years. Wagenborg approached us again to supply and install our efficient, innovative Pronomar-Merus rings for green water treatment on board the MV Slingeborg

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