Scale free cruising thanks to Pronomar!

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Pronomar is happy about two new follow up orders from KD Cruise Services, who this time placed an order with Pronomar on behalf of Premicon Flussreisen GmbH. They decided to equip two of their cruise vessels, the Diamond Travelmarvel as well as the Mozart2 with

Filia Rheni follows in the footsteps of the Regina Rheni

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Pronomar are happy about a new order from Rijfers River Cruises, based in Arnhem and running a fleet of luxurious cruising vessels. All their vessels offer all mod cons and leave nothing to be desired by the guests on-board. Back in 2011 it was for

Super Ship (S.S.) Antoinette joins the River Queen 1 in terms of water quality

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Pronomar is thrilled about a follow-up order from Uniworld Boutique River Cruises, an international shipping company offering river cruises all over the world and running a fleet of award-winning, 5-star cruise ships. After supplying our innovative and environment-friendly Pronomar-Merus solution to counteract scaling and help

Pronomar and Fons Jansen

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Already a few months back we started a cooperation with Fons Jansen, a company which guarantees reliable craftsmanship, clean and customer-friendly work, convenience and carefree services for already 30 years. Fons Jansen are specialists in water, gas and electricity and are available at daytime, but

Pronomar-MERUS ring on board of the MV Willem van Oranje

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Pronomar are pleased with yet another cooperation with Royal Boskalis Westminster NV, this time regarding the placement of a MERUS ring (for technical water) on the MV Willem van Oranje, a trailing suction hopper dredger. Royal Boskalis Westminster NV is a leading international service company

Merus rings on-board the Ursula Essberger

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John T. Essberger (JTE), renowed for its quality and flexibility and founded in 1924 as Atlantic Tank Reederei by the tank ship pioneer John T. Esserberger, has a long tradition in transporting of liquids. Today JTE have several divisions, one of which is running a

Scale-free cruising for a whole fleet of Motor Passenger Vessels

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Pronomar are happy to have received a very nice follow up order from Rivertech in Arnhem, a company providing nautical management for river cruise ships, operating on all major rivers throughout Europe. Their fleet consists of 6 Motor Passenger Vessels; after equipping the MS Amdagio

MPS Statendam cruises with Green Water Treatment

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The latest company to turn to Pronomar for support is the company Royal River Line, running a fleet of passenger vessels. The shipowner, Mr. Hendriksen, has turned to Pronomar to equip their passenger cruise vessel MPS Statendam with their eco-friendly, highly efficient solution for green

Green water treatment with at Cornelis Vrolijk

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Only recently Cornelis Vrolijk turned to Pronomar, who by now have made a name for themselves in terms of Green water treatment, to equip their cooling tower, in their cold store facility guaranteeing a perfect logistical network and based in the port of IJmuiden. Cornelis

Riyadh Refinery Tests New Merus Technology

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RIYADH, October 08, 2008 -- Heat. Pressure. Chemicals. Corrosion. Saudi Aramco industrial facilities often take a beating. Fouling and scaling reduce heat transfer in exchanger tubes and cause corrosion in pipes. That can lead to a loss of production as unplanned shutdowns become necessary to

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