Drying Systems for Technicians on Board of Østensjø’s SOV’s

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In 2016, the Norwegian shipping company Østensjø Rederi commissioned shipyard Astilleros Gondán to build two Service Operation Vessels (SOV), named the Edda Passat and the Edda Mistral. These vessels are equipped with 60 accommodations. Most of these accommodations are reserved for the wind turbine technicians.

Pronomar Delivers Suit Dryer for Danish Navy Vessels Via LF Ventilation A.S.

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LF Ventilation A.S. specializes in consultancy and turnkey solutions for newbuilding projects. With their in-depth knowledge of maritime and industrial ventilation they are a valuable partner for Pronomar on the Danish market. Two vessels from the Danish Navy, the 1st Squadron Thetis class frigates "Thetis"

‘’Doe Maar Duurzaam’’ (“Be Renewable”)

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The Dutch RTL television program: ‘’Doe Maar Duurzaam’’ is a program about different subjects in the sustainability industry. Every episode has its own theme. The goal of this program is to make people more aware of sustainability and its daily opportunities. Most of them you

Cooperation between Pronomar and ELA continues: drying container exhibited again on EWEA in Copenhagen!

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Back in October 2014 we shared the news about Pronomar’s cooperation with German based company ELA Container Offshore GmbH and developing the concept of drying containers. Following a very satisfying collaboration on the Offshore Energy in Amsterdam, both companies team up again by participating at

Pronomar’s Company Profile in Business Guide OffshoreEnergyToday.com!

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Just recently, Pronomar’s Company Profile was published in the online Business Guide of OffshoreEnergyToday.com. The profile includes information and multimedia regarding Pronomar’s range of products, and will be kept up-to-date throughout the year for your reading and viewing pleasure! Curious about the outcome? Please take

Drying cabinet ordered by Cytec Industrial Materials for drying of work clothing

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Pronomar will once again deliver one of its drying systems to Cytec Industrial Materials. The UK-based organization develops, manufactures and sells innovative solutions to different industries. The markets in which Cytec operates include, amongst others, the mine- and plastic industry. The order Cytec placed at

UPDATE – Niestern Sander orders Pronomar’s suit dryers

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Niestern Sander, a leading Dutch shipbuilding company, recently ordered one of the Pronomar drying systems, to be installed on board the Kroonborg, a maintenance support vessel build by order of Wagenborg Shipping. In total the multipurpose drying system, made from solid stainless steel and thus

Pronomar yet again delivers suit dryers to EnBW

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EnBW has yet again decided to order Pronomar’s suit dryers. EnBW, Germany’s third largest energy company, already ordered Pronomar’s drying systems in 2010 and 2013 for the Baltic 1 and 2, which are offshore windmill parks in the Baltic Sea. EnBW is a large player

Sea Survival Center Cuxhaven in Germany chooses Pronomar’s mobile suit dryers to dry training suits

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Pronomar is happy to announce that the Sea Survival Center in Cuxhaven has chosen to order the high-quality mobile drying systems. The Sea Survival Center in Cuxhaven provides, among others, Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) to employees in the Maritime industry. At

Glomar Offshore Wind Support Rides The Wave with Pronomar Drying Systems!

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Glomar Offshore Wind Support B.V. operates service vessels for the offshore wind industry. With their new vessel ‘Glomar Wave’ they will be able to provide the following services: - Offshore Windfarm Accommodation Vessel - Dive Support Vessel - Safety Standby Vessel / Emergency Response &

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