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Sustainably Withstanding Water Obstacles With Merus Rings on the VOS Stone

Following successful installation on board ‘VOS Start’, Vroon contracted Pronomar to equip sister newbuild vessel, ‘VOS Stone’, with the Merus technology. These two subsea-support walk-to-work units were purpose built for Vroon, to support offshore operations and walk-to-work (W2W) projects in today’s Renewable Energy and Oil & Gas industries. Installation of the professional Merus rings was one of the last steps ‘VOS Stone’ had to undertake, since she was already contracted for offshore logistics activities and W2W support at the Arkona Offshore Windfarm park. On board various vessels and offshore platforms, the Merus ring has proven valuable in counteracting issues with corrosion, scaling and marine growth, such as mussels and barnacles, in pipelines. The technology consists of a treated ring that

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MERUS Rings Installed on Vroon’s New Ship: ‘VOS Start’

Once again, Vroon has chosen to put its trust in Pronomar’s capacity to support the technical installation on its new offshore supply ship “VOS Start”, by installing multiple MERUS rings. Having more than a century’s experience in the international shipping industry, makes Vroon certain that having MERUS rings on-board the VOS Start is the ideal solution to prevent possible scaling problems. They already built up experience by having the technology on-board the VOS Sugar, VOS Star,VOS Partner,VOS Passion and more. The new subsea-support walk-to-work vessel VOS Start, built by Fujian Southeast Shipbuilding, has upgraded Vroon’s existing diverse fleet, which now exists of approximately 200 vessels. It will be the first of two W2W vessels, which enables them to meet the

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Scaldis’ Mighty Crane Vessel Rambiz Meets Pronomar’s MERUS Technology

The heavy lift vessel Rambiz, property of Scaldis Salvage, stands out due to her large deckspace, shallow draft, renewed large accommodation facilities and two cranes. Together with other qualities, this arrangement gives the vessel the capability to operate in areas where no other comparable vessel can go. Rambiz’ ability to work in both very shallow and deep waters provides valuable flexibility. As a solid and reliable partner, the Belgium Scaldis Salvage and Marine Contractors – an offshore marine contractor specializing in offshore transportation and installation works – has equipped the Rambiz with several Pronomar – MERUS rings for the freshwater system. It is of high importance that the freshwater system on-board is working effectively and efficiently, without too much hassle.

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KD Cruise Services orders Pronomar–Merus water treatment for Avalon Tranquility and Avalon Imagery

KD Cruise Services, headquartered in Cyprus, manages a large fleet of luxurious motor passenger ships. They have placed a follow-up order for two of their ships, the Avalon Tranquillity and Avalon Imagery, for the installation of three Pronomar – Merus rings per ship to counteract heavy scaling. The Pronomar – Merus rings are a innovative and environmentally responsible option for water treatment in various applications. The following rings (identical to the installation on the Bellevue and Sonata) were installed in February on both vessels: • one 3” IND ring at the hydrophore; • one 2” IND BIO ring at the heat exchanger and last, but not least; • one 1” IND ring at the supply line to the kitchen. The

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Members and staff of Fitness first in France also enjoy the benefits of the Merus technology

After already equipping several Fitness First clubs in Bordeaux and Paris last year Pronomar were now happy to travel to Paris for a few days to install their highly efficient Merus rings at the remaining Fitness First clubs throughout Paris. The way the established and high-quality Merus devices work are that after they are installed at water pipes or the equipment in question, they give off micro-fine oscillations that disturb the scaling, afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away, leaving the pipes free and clean which in consequence means that the pipes performance is brought back to the levels initially experienced. However, not only are the pipes protected from heavy build-up of lime scale and rust, also the staff

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