The MERUS Water Treatment Proves Successful in Hotel Industry

Many hotels deal with lime scale in their boilers, kitchen equipment, swimming pools, saunas and of course on the sanitary ware in the bathrooms. This could have a negative impact on the hotel customer experience, therefore everything needs to be done to keep the facilities clean and lime scale free. Recently, the Dutch Hotel Arena and QO Hotel both saw opportunities in using Pronomar’s MERUS water treatment to reduce lime deposits inside waterlines and other water-bearing systems. After installing the MERUS rings, the water treatment gives off an overlapping molecular frequency to the water, which slows the scaling process and keeps the deposits longer in suspension. With the MERUS water treatment hotel businesses are able to reduce their expenditures on cleaning products and costs with 50%, and save up to 20% in terms of energy consumption. Since the MERUS water treatment does not add or subtract anything to or from the water, it is an entirely environmental friendly solution.

After installing the MERUS ring, an intermediate maintenance is not necessary. The ring has a warranty of five years and in order to ensure the proper functioning of the ring, the hotels can choose to re-calibrate the ring afterwards.

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