The winter season is in full swing and field workers regularly work in varying weather conditions. Think, for example, of employees who take care of urban green spaces or road works, or of agricultural and ship builders. They are more likely to deal with damp or wet clothes, both from the in- as well as outside.

Pronomar drying systems can make an important contribution to guarantee the well-being and hygiene of the employees. With the professional drying equipment, work clothes are dried from the inside out in various ways, preventing the growth of bacteria that like to settle in damp clothing. It will also have a positive effect on absenteeism due to illness and on people’s motivation to start a new shift.

The professional drying systems provide powerful drying for all types of PPE, such as work jackets, trousers, shoes, gloves, helmets etc. By maintaining a correct temperature during the drying process, the material and quality of the PPE is dried gently, but quickly, resulting in a longer life of the clothing. The drying systems thus have social and financial advantages.

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